As an Investment Consultant, Joseph Bazbaz answers questions about money

Joseph is driven by a deep curiosity of how financial markets function. His early investment experiences made him aware that to succeed in this arena you must have an edge others do not possess. He focuses his research on underutilized data based on legal corporate insider filings. Over four hundred institutions subscribe to a provider of this information but is often overlooked or dismissed by the retail investor. This research provides a valuable additional layer of information that is used to confirm the validity of traditional research.

An effective multi-level research process coupled with proven behaviors and disciplines modeled by other consistently successful investors are what give Joseph an edge. When these concentrated efforts are combined and seamlessly applied for clients, the result is comprehensive investment strategies designed to provide a higher probability of success.

There has to be a better way

Additionally, Joseph is sought out for his innovation beyond markets. His drive to discover better ways to engage clients and to create better client experiences has motivated him to develop best practice strategies for the financial industry. He frequently presents his innovative ideas to peer groups including CPAs, CFPs, financial advisors and Estate Planning Attorneys.